Chris Carter

Chris was born in Brasilia, Brazil where he spent his childhood and teenage years. After graduating from high school, he moved to the USA where he studied psychology with specialisation in criminal behaviour. During his University years he held a variety of odd jobs, ranging from flipping burgers to being part of an all male exotic dancing group. He worked as a criminal psychologist for several years before moving to Los Angeles, where he swapped the suits and briefcases for ripped jeans, bandanas and an electric guitar. After a spell playing for several well known glam rock bands, he decided to try his luck in London, where he was fortunate enough to have played for a number of famous artists. He toured the world several times as a professional musician. A few years ago he gave it all up to become a full time writer.  


  1. The Crucifix Killer (2009) Robert Hunter #1
  2. The Executioner (2010) Robert Hunter #2
  3. The Night Stalker (2011) Robert Hunter #3
  4. The Death Sculptor (2012) Robert Hunter #4
  5. One by One (2013) Robert Hunter #5
  6. An Evil Mind (2014) Robert Hunter #6
  7. I Am Death (2015) Robert Hunter #7
  8. The Caller (2017) Robert Hunter #8
  9. The Gallery of The Dead (Due 8/2/18) Robert Hunter #9