Crime Authors

Becoming a Blogger I quickly realised that my author list was rapidly growing. I realised that it's very easy to lost track of what you have read and what you haven't especially when you follow multiple series. I started doing Author Pages a while back and have decided to bring them back as it's an easy way for me to track where I am with a particular author or series of books. Hopefully this will help some of you when doing the same. However, this is all done off my own back so no doubt people will spot mistakes, maybe with a book missing or maybe an incorrect date. Feel free to contact me and let me know and I will change it. I always do my best to keep these up to date, hopefully this way you can too. Click on the author you want more information on from the list below (these also appear in drop down menus from the main page)

This list is made from the authors I read (although not every single one) but if there is somebody you would love to see featured let me know!