M A Comley

Mel is a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that's when she turned her hobby into a career. She is represented by a top New York agent. She shares her home with two crazy dogs that like nothing better than to drag their masterful leader around the village.

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  1. Cruel Justice (2011) Justice #1
  2. Impeding Justice (2011) Justice #2
  3. Final Justice (2011) Justice #3
  4. Foul Justice (2012) Justice #4
  5. Guaranteed Justice (2013) Justice #5
  6. Torn Apart (2013) Hero #1
  7. Sole Intention (2013) Intention #1
  8. Ultimate Justice (2013) Justice #6
  9. Virtual Justice (2014) Justice #7
  10. Grave Intention (2014) Intention #2
  11. End Result (2014) Hero #2
  12. Hostile Justice (2014) Justice #8
  13. Tortured Justice (2014) Justice #9
  14. Rough Justice (2015) Justice #10
  15. Dubious Justice (2015) Justice #11
  16. Deadly Act (2015) Hero #3
  17. Wrong Place (2015) Sally Parker #1
  18. Calculated Justice (2015) Justice #12
  19. Twisted Justice (2015) Justice #13
  20. No Hiding Place (2015) Sally Parker #2 
  21. Devious Intention (2016) Intention #3
  22. The Caller (2016) With Tara Lyons
  23. Prime Justice (2017) Justice #14
  24. In Plain Sight (2017) Hero #4
  25. Cold Case (2017) Sally Parker #3

 Q&A on Publication Day, with Tara Lyons and M A Comley! - June 2016

I have been fortunate enough to meet and beome friends with the lovely Tara although yet to meet the lovely Mel Comley. I decided that although I am part of their Blog Tour (look out for me on 30th June) I would do a fun Q&A with both of them! Check it out...

First up its Tara's turn. 

1. Snog/Marry/Avoid – name your three

Snog – Channing Tatum

Marry – Tom Hardy

Avoid – David Cameron

2. Favourite moment as an author

My mum’s face when she received a paperback copy of In the Shadows – I’ll never forget that.

3. Most embarrassing thing you did recently.

Sent a selfie (pulling a stupid face) to an old colleague instead of my friend *face palm*

4. Job you wanted when you were a child.

I always wanted to be a writer or a vet. I knew I couldn’t be a vet when I realised I’d have to put animals to sleep, and I’d get so sad if they were sick.

5. What’s your party trick.

I can twist my tongue completely over – sorry, that’s all I got…

Now it's Mel's turn. 

1. Snog/Marry/Avoid 

Snog - Idris Elba

Marry - Roger Moore (I know he's old now but I've always loved him.)

Avoid - Daniel Craig (he does nothing for me!)

2. Favourite moment as an author

Becoming a New York Times and a USA Today bestselling author, not many independent authors have achieved those accolades. I'm super proud. :-)

3. Most embarrassing thing you did recently.

Gosh, I seriously can't remember any. I try to avoid such things. :-)

4. Job you wanted when you were a child. 

Either a hairdresser, I still cut my own hair, or a vet because I would love to end all the suffering to animals that goes on in this world.

5. What’s your party trick.

Avoiding parties!!! LOL.