Mel Sherratt

Mel had a number of full-time jobs and in 1997 she became a housing officer for the local authority. She did that for eight years and then moved into training and development consultation. In 2010, she was made redundant prompting her to take a year ‘off’ to concentrate on writing full-time. She had been writing novels for twelve years. She writes women’s fiction under a pen name and fiction with a punch under Mel Sherratt.

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  1. Somewhere to Hide (2012) The Estate #1
  2. Behind a Closed Door (2013) The Estate #2
  3. Fighting for Survival (2013) The Estate #3
  4. Taunting the Dead (2011) Allie Shenton #1
  5. Watching Over You (2014)
  6. Follow The Leader (2015) Allie Shenton #2
  7. Only The Brave (2015) Allie Shenton #3
  8. Written In The Scars (2015) The Estate #4
  9. The Girl's Next Door (2016) Eden Berrisford #1
  10. Don't Look Behind You (2017) Eden Berrisford #2
  11. She Did It (2017)