Rowan Coleman

Rowan Coleman worked in bookselling and publishing for seven years before winning Company Magazine Young Writer of the Year in 2001. Her first novel GROWING UP TWICE was published in 2002 and was a WHS Fresh Talent winner. Rowan now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, and large family of four children, including surprise toddler twins. Rowan is often quite tired.

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  1. Growing Up Twice (2002)
  2. After Ever After (2003)
  3. River Deep (2004)
  4. The Baby Group (2007)
  5. The Accidental Wife (2008)
  6. Another Mother's Life (2008)
  7. The Accidental Mother (2009)
  8. The Happy Home for Broken Hearts (2010)
  9. Lessons in Laughing Out Loud (2011)
  10. Dearest Rose (2012) aka The Runaway Wife
  11. The Memory Book (2014)
  12. We Are All Made of Stars (2015)
  13. The Other Sister (2016)
  14. The Summer Of Impossible Things (2017)